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Here are the Cabrini College Communication Department seniors who created this site.

Convergence 2013 Class


 Project Manager for

Megan Sokolowski has a passion for understanding the way the world communicates digitally. While in college, Megan served in multiple leadership roles as Director for the college’s video news program, LOQation, and Sports Director for the student-run radio station. In the future, Megan will aim to pursue a career in video production especially how it relates to digital media.


Mark Amorim is passionate about media creation, especially as it relates to audio and video production. While attending Cabrini College, Mark worked with many forms of media including radio, photography, and video and held positions as Radio Engineer, Remote Producer Supervisor and Post Production Editor. In his future career, Mark hopes to learn more about audio and video engineering.


John Blackwood is a passionate visual storyteller. John loves the potential of motion pictures to express raw emotion as well as thought provoking ideas to a mass audience. Prior to the creation of this site, John has focused extensively on the creation of high quality visual content through the production of various projects including a web based news broadcast as well as many freelance and independent projects featuring the unfolding of stories worthy of being told. John aims to continuously improve his ability to effectively express stories through the visual medium of motion pictures.


Graphics Designer for

James Crowell, Jr. has a passion for video, social media & technology.  He is a journalist with a strong enthusiasm for video editing.  During his time at Cabrini College, James has held multiple Post-Production and supervisory roles on the college’s weekly news program, LOQation.  James also hosted a weekly radio show on the college’s radio station, Cavalier Radio 89.1 WYBF-FM and served as a News Editor on the school’s student-run newspaper.  In his future career, James plans to use his multimedia skills to forge a fruitful career as a multimedia journalist and videographer.


Marketing Manager for

Laura Hancq has a passion for writing and social justice. While in college, Laura served as Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, a Catholic Relief Services Ambassador and in Cabrini’s Office of Admissions. Laura hopes to pair her communication skills with her desire to work for positive change in her future career.


 Web Master for

Nick LaRosa is passionate about the fields of social media marketing and public relations. Throughout the course of his education at Cabrini, Nick learned everything from photography to the basics of video production in the college’s communication department. He utilized his writing skills during his two years as a member of Cabrini’s award-winning student newspaper, The Loquitur, including one year as Sports Editor. Nick is a 2012 inductee of the Society for Collegiate Journalists.


 Sarah Luckert has a passion for business communication as it pertains to the environment. While in college Sarah focused on exploring water and air quality as well as sustainability by using many different forms of media. Sarah hopes to continue to follow and advocate for the environmental issues faced by the world today.


Chelbi Mims is a problem solver and task determined individual with a passion for public relations and inbound and outbound marketing. While in college she was features editor for The Loquitur, Cabrini College award winning newspaper and president of Cabrini College Society for Collegiate Journalist. She has previously interned with The City of Houston, Pierpont Communications and The Houston Business Journal. She also has an engrained passion for social justice and mentors youth at “Change Happens.”


 Graphics Designer for

Greg Stevens is a highly motivated multimedia journalist with a passion for video production. While attending Cabrini College, he majored in Communication with a minor in English with a concentration in writing. He is a great multi-tasker and held many leadership roles during his four years of college. He was a Service, Spirit and Solidarity Leader for incoming freshman, a video group leader and editor for a weekly video news show and the Operations Manager for 89.1 WYBF-FM Radio Station. Greg hopes to continue to follow his passions and work for a company just as motivated as he is.


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