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While the problems surrounding fracking are evident, both sides of the argument have valid points.

Fracking is a way to obtain natural gas from under layers of shale rock. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but is said to be a cleaner burning fossil fuel. It is more eco-friendly to burn natural gas than it is to burn coal or oil. Natural gas can serve as an alternative to coal and oil in fueling our lives. Since it is a cleaner burning fuel, people think we should make a switch to it as soon as possible.

In addition to it being a cleaner burning fuel, we can obtain natural gas domestically, rather than internationally, which would reduce dependence on foreign oil. Also, obtaining fuel locally will likely boost our economy. It will add another big industry to the United States economy, much like the coal and oil industries. People are needed to operate the drills and deliver the millions of gallons of chemicals, water, sand and other materials needed to frack, and do other jobs relating to the process of hydraulic fracturing. In other words, fracking will create jobs, which is a great need in this country. Many people see the benefits of fracking and therefore believe we should be doing it immediately and reaping the benefits.

The other side of the argument, which encompasses a great number of people, would say fracking is dangerous and not worth the trouble it brings. Other than the fact fracking is drilling the earth and destroying natural creation, we are also blasting cancer fumes into the air. When fracking, water sources are hit and greenhouse glasses are released, which both can have negative effects. The process of hydraulic fracturing can be and often is harmful to both our environment and health.

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