The Drought Killed My Backyard

Testimony from Vonda Hendricks:

The year 2011 was the driest year ever for Texas.  The drought in Texas began in October 2010 and continued through 2011.  The drought helped fuel wildfires.  Dry conditions fueled a series of wildfires across the state.  I saw the drought ruin crops and cattle and put a real strain on the state’s electric grids.

Vonda Hendricks

Vonda Hendricks

I lived in a neighborhood where the lawns were perfectly manicured.  Most lawns had automatic sprinkler systems.  Over the months, I saw these lawns go from plush green to a burned brown.  My neighbors and I realized you could not keep the grass green, flowers, trees or your garden alive with daily watering.  Not to mention at the height of the drought Texas was hitting over 100 degree temperatures.  It was dry and it was hot!!!  We were advised by the City of Houston we could no longer water the lawns due the drought.  The dry grounds had cracks wider than two inches which caused houses to shift and foundations to crack.

During the hot and dry drought, I noted my favorite tree in my backyard was leaning.  This was my tree that I admired every morning.  I would open my blinds and admire this beautiful pecan tree and the shade it provided.  The flowers planted around the tree had since died…but I did not expect for my tree to die.  A closer look at the tree proved its roots were pulled from the ground because the ground had no moisture.

The first major rain in the state came on October 9, 2011.  My now brown pecan tree was leaning against the mosaic bench that was placed under the tree.  I often sat on this bench  under the tree enjoying the shade the tree provided.  After the major rain, I expected my tree to rejuvenate itself back to life…no such luck.  My tree continued to lean, it did not get its color back and the roots continued to be pulled from the ground…My tree was dead!  I had to make the decision to have my beautiful pecan tree removed and cut into pieces.

As I open the blinds I see an empty space where my tree was…but I do see green grass and flowers blooming.  The drought has passed, but I will always remember it took my beautiful pecan tree!


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